This section contains information about all employees of your company, their location and tasks.

 Click an employee's name to view or edit their personal details.


If you need to delete an employee, use the account deactivation button. 

The employee becomes inactive, a deactivated mark is displayed next to the employee's name, and it will be impossible to assign a new task to them. When this happens, the user's task history will be stored in the database. If a new employee is assigned to this account, it will be possible to unlock it and continue working.


In the user settings, you can view the parameters that are set for the employee, for example: geolocation mode, work schedule, user logging level, which connection is used to send files.


If you want to change the settings for ALL users in the company, use the Organization Settings in the Administration section (open the Administration block → click the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner).


The same settings are available here as for a single user, but they will be applied to all users in the company for whom individual settings have not been previously made.


By using the View Tasks button, you can view all tasks for a given employee for a specified date or date range (by default, all tasks for the current date are displayed).

Next to the name of each task, there is a tag indicating current status of that task. Green tag indicates that the task is completed; blue striped tag indicates that the task is assigned for fulfilment; and the red one shows that the task was not completed.

Clicking on any chosen task allows detailed progress revision and the uploaded enclosures (pictures or audio recordings), if the task form allows such types of information in reporting.

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