To create a new “Company”:

1. Enter CRM.

2. Click on the “Create” button.

3. Fill in the fields.

4. Click on “Create” again.

For each company, several locations can be created. Additional locations can be added in the “Locations” section of the CRM tab.

Information on companies and location can be uploaded from an .xlsx file using the import wizard.

Please use files that are compliant with the template, otherwise your import will not be completed. Please, leave no blank lines between items. To download the template file, open the "Download template" link


Asset can be placed at a location. The picture below contains an example of a asset list with parameters that can be seen in the “Asse” section of the “CRM” tab

Here, it is also possible to create new asset items with the “Create” button

Obligatory asset parameters are Name and Location. Location shall be selected from the list of previously created locations.

For asset, it is useful to indicate the purchase date, serial number, and warranty term, as this will help to add to Zegoal Pro not only the list of employees, but also the history of important equipment.