The Planning module has two tabs:

1. Timeline.

This tab contains information about the distribution of tasks between employees.

Here you can distribute all unassigned tasks to employees by dragging and dropping onto the appropriate window in the employee's schedule. By using the Month, Week, Day buttons, you can view information in a mode that is comfortable for you.

It is convenient to create tasks and immediately assign them to an employee based on their workload.

In order to create a task, use the Create button, and then fill in the task fields as usual. An example of how the task with the Scheduled for Execution status is displayed is shown in the figure below.


If you click a task, a window with details and a button to go to the tasks tab is displayed on the right. 

Once the employee has completed the task, it is highlighted in green. 


2. Timesheet


This tab is where an employee's work schedule is created. You can mark the employee's work days and weekend days, sick leaves and vacations in the work schedule. You can set the start time and end time of the work shift. You can make a note that the employee has a night shift.

 To get started, select an employee by clicking their name. If there are many employees, use the Filter button .

Then click the Create button. Set all required options and click the checkmark


The Period slider will help you assign a work shift to an employee, which consists of different calendar days.

For example, an employee started working at 21.00 on one day and finished working at 08.00 on the next day. See the figure below. In addition, this turned out to be a night shift, and in the timesheet such entire period is painted in blue.

If you want to create a regular schedule for several days, then you need to create a schedule for one day first, and then use the Clone function.

Right-click the day you want to duplicate and select Clone.

 Then set the days on the calendar for which you want to clone the schedule, and click Confirm.


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